ISIS is Blackwater

Special Report on the Shockwaves of Uncontrolled Privatization

New investigative report from Woodheavy Brown shows ISIS is largely made up of former Blackwater employees. The American-based private military company is said to have funneled money, arms, and personnel to ISIS.

Blackwater formed in 1997 and was formerly headed by Erik Prince (and a coven of unnamed investors). Prince changed the company’s name to Xe Services around 2009, hoping to create a new image and distance himself from Blackwater’s criminal actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2010 “a group” of private investors stepped in and bought the failed and criminally liable operation, renaming it Academi. Wether the newest incarnation of the private military company is involved with ISIS is still under investigation. No ongoing connections can be confirmed. What is clear, however, ISIS formed out of the remains of Blackwater before the company was sold by Prince.

Updates to come as new information is uncovered.


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